Article published: July 13th, 2021

Let’s have fun returning to the office…


The end is in sight… Roll on 19th July! We’re feeling excited, anxious, uncertain, relieved and free all in varying measures. But as we (finally) transition out of lockdown we all know there’s still a great deal to think about both at home and at work. Lockdown has affected us all in different ways, and we’re not even sure we know what returning to normal means anymore!


But onwards and upwards. We are receiving so many enquiries from new customers at the moment as team leaders navigate office returns and consider ways to bring teams back together. It’s so wonderful to chat to different companies and have the chance to come up with ideas to help them bond whilst experiencing our fun and engaging activities.


Something we are realising from the calls we are taking is that many people are feeling confused, worried and apprehensive about the changes going on around them – whether this means more people at work, going back to the office full time, negotiating new hybrid working terms, working alongside colleagues, and even customers, again.


One of the biggest challenges faced by HR Managers and team leaders is that they need to not only support staff individually but find ways to help them reconnect with their colleagues and reignite team spirit. Some businesses have told us that they have managed to keep up morale with regular check-ins and zoom games and activities but there are only so many quizzes you can do online (please, no more!!) and it’s not the same as a cuppa in the staff room, or squabbling over the biscuit tin (no, not us!!)


We’ve been lucky as a husband and wife team (some may disagree) as we’ve not yet had to resort to zooming with one another and we’re still each convinced it’s the other’s turn to put the kettle on (ha) but we know from the businesses around us how hard this has been for many people.


So, we are putting extra HDK sparkle into our event planning to make sure we come up with the most fun, engaging and welcoming activity ideas and options that we can, to help individuals return seamlessly to a team, and without a quiz in sight! Factor in team building in some capacity ASAP – never underestimate how important this is for every member of staff. Believe us, we see it first-hand…


We’ve also put our thinking caps on for ways to help staff return to the workplace with some office-based fun…


· Solve a puzzle or a brain teaser together

· Try a compliment circle (it’s all about showing appreciation for one another, for just five minutes out of a busy day)

· Create a Scavenger Hunt in the office (although we know some of you are tapped out with the Zoom versions already – sorry!)

· Do a silent line-up (set a timer, and have people line up by height, birthday, or something else, without saying a word)

· Give out blind directions (pair people up and blindfold one with the other giving directions)

· Make a mockumentary (why not poke good natured fun at your company culture)

· Silent disco (maybe add in a challenge like making people freeze when you pause the music. Take plenty of photos of the freeze moment!)

· Volunteering (choose a local charity and get the team involved)

· Start a book club (weekly reviews with cake and cuppa. What’s not to like…)

· Weekend in a word (one word to sum up your weekend. This is one to ramp up the curiosity levels…)

· Dining Club (nominate people to bring different dishes into work and collectively choose themes and ingredients)

· Visit a museum (learn together, play together)


Enjoy, folks. Look after yourselves, and remember, our one-stop corporate events concierge has an activity with your name on it…


PS – do share your photos if you use any of our office fun ideas…