Article published: July 5th, 2021

We love to get creative in the outdoors

We’ve all heard of the benefits of getting outside, enjoying the fresh air, and going for a walk or run. Just 20 minutes a day is all it takes to lower stress levels and improve your immune response. Plus, it makes us happier. Here at HDK headquarters we spend a great deal of time outdoors either organising or attending activities, and we love it!

What would you think if we told you that not only does it give you super happy vibes but that fresh air also boosts productivity, creativity, and focus?

Encourage your staff to venture outside, embrace some form of exercise on the way to work, during lunch breaks, and after hours, or even by being a super boss and adding in special breaks throughout shifts (!), and we promise you that you will start to see a positive impact in performance, general approach, and lots of smiley faces!

Savvy businesses are turning to the great outdoors when planning team building, staff wellbeing or rewards activities. Long gone are the days of just meeting for drinks or a meal after a long, dreary workshop or conference. We all remember those with a shudder… No, now it’s all about being as creative as possible and getting out of the office.

So that leads us on to team building. Our favourite subject! Did you know that personal bonds formed between team members can actually help give your company a competitive edge? Ah, that’s caught your attention…

It’s all about engagement, you see. There’s a clear link between bonds between team members and their engagement level. Employee satisfaction tends to rise sharply when there are friendships in the office.

Engaged companies consistently outperform the competition when it comes to things like profits, productivity and even turnover, so we just think it makes sense if you are a team leader to help your staff bond with those around them. We are all for long-lasting relationships.

We can safely say the scope for team building is huge – you should see our portfolio! So many options for half-day, full-day, and longer activities to suit all budgets, requirements, and locations. From bubble football, alpaca trekking, fly fishing, yoga and sphering through to raft building, windsurfing, clay pigeon shooting, caving, bushcraft or mountain biking, you name it… Whichever activity takes your fancy, we promise you now that the great outdoors will add that extra sparkle to your team dynamics, and a refreshing change of scenery from the office.

So much choice, where do you start, we know you are thinking. Luckily, we can take that worry off your shoulders and not only come up with some super options tailored to exactly what you ask us for, but we will take on the entire process so all you need to do it provide us with your team list. Think of us as a one-stop concierge. But don’t worry, for leaders who like to be in the driving seat, we can just come up with ideas too, and support you as little or as much as you need.

One thing we do say is to try to get your staff to try something new but not take them too far out of their comfort zone. You want them to be excited not scared! So, encourage them into a new area that requires them to use strength and skills that perhaps they didn’t know they had, and to learn to pull together as a team. You know, this can work for leaders, too as sometimes you might see something in someone you hadn’t noticed before which can help with internal promotions or work allocation. Think of it as a bonus ‘get to know your staff’s hidden talents’ opportunity. But of course, the main thing is to have fun. And that’s something we can help you with – it’s in our DNA.

Let’s arm your staff with incredible memories and give them an opportunity to really bond with and enjoy the company of their colleagues. That togetherness will continue to prevail in the office environment. They will also have had to have used skills such as open communication, problem solving, delegation, trust, quick-thinking, and self-reliance, and to have learned quickly one another’s strengths – all very handy in the workplace.

If you are a team leader or work in HR, then we highly recommend outdoor activity as an integral part of your holistic and wellbeing strategy. We’re ready when you are, folks…

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