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You've seen the TV programme - now it's your turn to be Hunted!

This package includes

Professional Hunters to ensure your upmost safety

Maps & clues

Full safety briefing

Customer contact prior to event to discuss making the hunt personal to your group

Can be matched to all levels of group ability

The stag, hen or group organiser goes for free!

OK, so you’ve seen the TV programme, so we’re going to assume that you’ve already got an idea of what’s in store for you on this truly unique group activity! But just in case you need a reminder, have you ever thought what it must be like to be a fugitive on the run for a day? Do you think you’ve got what it takes to avoid capture?

Well alright then. Prove it. Get in touch and book the adventure of a lifetime

If you fancy a really scenic yet exciting activity in Derbyshire’s Peak District it doesn’t get any better than this. Hunted takes place in the stunning countryside this area is famous for, and it’s ideal for all hen do, stag activity and team building weekends

You know that feeling when you sense you’re being watched? Or those dreams when you’re being chased!? Aaargh. Good luck with that then!

So here’s how it works. Upon arrival at a pre-disclosed location in the Peak District, your group will be split into teams. You can pre-choose the teams if you like, or we can do that randomly on the day (usually approx 4 to a team). Then we’re going to go through the safety briefing before kitting you out with your team maps (and maybe the odd clue or two)

Then you’re off! We explain and show on the maps that the mission area is approx 2-3 miles radius, and you MUST stick to within this area. There are going to be at least 30 green tokens hidden (but visable) placed in different locations around the map. Each green token is worth 25, 50 or 100 points. The approx locations of these tokens are displayed on your maps. It’s your mission as a team to retrieve as many of the tokens as you can without getting Hunted. You’re given a 20 minute head start, and then the Hunters are coming after you!

You can go in any direction you like. You can hide. You can be as sneaky as your cunning allows. But the Hunters do this for a living. They know the area inside out. They have their own hiding places. And they’ve got binoculars and walkie talkies. They’re coming for you……….

Each of your team has their own yellow token, which they must do everything they can to keep hold of (as each one is worth 100 points.) If a Hunter spies you, they’re coming for you. Hide or run – it’s up to you. But if they catch you, that’s your yellow 100 point token gone! You can still take part in the game, but 100 points is a lot to lose

You’ve got to get back to the starting point within the mission time (usually just over 2 hours) with as many points as you can. Oh and be careful – some of those green tokens might have their own challenges on them. You’ve been warned!

The winning team is of course the team with the most points. Each member of the winning team will receive really cool medals

We’ve got lots of locations to choose from around the Peak District and Derbyshire, and each location has it’s own Normal and Extreme versions of the maps. This is to allow a good match to your groups general ability. It also means you can join us time and time again and ALWAYS get a fresh and exciting experience

This activity is truly unique, and we’ve never seen anything like it before. Trust us on this – you’re going to absolutely love it!

Hunted in the Peak District, Derbyshire
What an exciting experience from start to finish! The team were brilliant at building the day around us, making sure we’d got everything we needed for our abilities. I would highly recommend doing this if you have a group that are at all competitive!
Feedback from a group that recently experienced Hunted!