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Sky, grass, sky, grass, sky, grass, sky, grass, sky, grass.....................................

This package includes

Up to 30mph in a bubble – I mean, come on?!

Booking the aqua sphere? That includes water too!

Dedicated instructors and marshals to ensure your absolute safety

Chances are you won’t have done this before. Because if you had then you’d have put it down to experience, ticked it off the bucket list, and moved on. Unless you’re completely off your nut

But there’s no getting away from it – this is one FUN and at the same time completely pointless activity. You get it, right – you’re rolling down a steep hill in a bubble. You’ll belly laugh. You’ll fall over afterwards. You’ll question your own sanity. And then you’ll revel in the fact you can say ‘Yeah! I’ve done that!’

Harness Sphereing is the most popular of our sphereing activities, and we’re not easing you in gently as these things hit 30mph when catapulted down the hill

Now this’ll make you feel old – zorbing has been around for over 10 years now, and during the last decade the centre we use have fine tuned the spheres, and now confidently offer the best hill rolling product on the market. So if you insist on jumping into a bubble with your mate or partner, strapping yourselves in and watching each other’s faces go through every colour of the rainbow then crack on – you’re at one of the UK’s finest centres to go for it!

In case you’re a bit daft and didn’t pick up on what we’ve said so far, Harness Sphereing is not for the faint-hearted, and is certainly not to be described as a gentle ride! But you know what, we bet you’ll bloody love it

Remember cartwheeling down a hill? This is much, much worse!

Fancy a different slant? Tell you what, the above doesn’t sound daft enough does it – let’s chuck in 50 litres of water too

You and a friend, colleague or maybe that girlfriend you’re hoping to chuck are welcomed into the zorb and we’ll gleefully add 30-50 litres of water into the mix

Imagine people + washing machine + big grass hill

Aqua spheres can have 1, 2 or 3 riders in the sphere at the same time, so you can all discuss your levels of insanity on the way down the hill!

You’ll get wet, obvs

Harness & Aqua Sphereing in the Midlands
Well that's something I thought I'd never do! Ha ha! Stupid but dead funny
Alex Blake Cox - one of the group on a stag weekend with us