Sniper School - Exciting Derbyshire and Staffordshire Group ActivityHDK Pursuits

An exciting outdoor activity ideal for hen do and stag activity weekends

This package includes

Tea & coffee on arrival

Full safety briefing with sniper hints & tips

Camouflage face paint

Your group have their own professional Instructors during the whole event

.22 rifle hire and all bullets & targets

Wild cooking prep advice and everything you need to prepare & cook your meal

Lunch or tea (depending on time of day)

A prize for the winner of the shooting competition!

So you think you’ve got what it takes to shoot, prepare & cook your next meal?

This is a group activity with a difference! On arrival we brief you over a cup of coffee while you put the camouflage paint on your faces (we provide the paint) – then we head off to the range!

Whether it be a hen do, stag activity, or corporate team building group, your group will be taught how to make a sniper hide using what’s available in the wild

Using .22” rifles equipped with telescopic sights, sound moderators & bipods we shoot a variety of targets from 30 metres out to 100 metres. You will be taught about windage, aiming off, bullet drop and a host of other things. We have targets that move, enemy targets & friendly targets that must not be shot

Each group member will get to shoot at least 40 shots per person!

You will take it in turns to be the Shooter or the Spotter, and we will run the whole thing as a competition between your group members


We have a number of missions that you can choose from :

Rescue friendly forces
Hostage rescue
Target elimination

Having successfully completed the course of fire we move back to our base camp where you will prepare a meal over an open fire (which you have lit without the aid of matches or a lighter)

Depending on the season we prepare fish, pheasants, rabbits or pigeons & show you how to gather flavourings from the wild

Your group will then eat the meal you’ve prepared and cooked (lunch or tea depending on what time you’re joining us). You will eat the meal in the comfort of the estate lodge, where you can buy a beer or two to wash it down with if you fancy!

We’ll even throw in a prize for the winner of the shooting competition!

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Sniper School
We've never done anything like this before! What a rush! So much of a laugh and pretty gory at times
Kevin - a well camouflaged stag on his weekend of fun with us