Laser Tag in the Peak District Countryside. Like being in a video game!HDK Pursuits

Laser Tag - it's like being in a video game!

Outdoor laser tag in the Peak District, Staffordshire & Derbyshire
Tea & coffee available throughout the duration of your activity for adults
Experienced Instructors and Referees to ensure your enjoyment and safety
Camouflage hats & overalls
The latest infra red technology laser guns and sensors
All ammunition included
We can supply food at a cost of £4 per head with a choice of jacket potato with cheese & beans or a selection of sandwiches. Both meals include crisps, chocolate and a drink

Looking for stuff to do in Derbyshire, Staffordshire or the Peak District?  Like the idea of all the thrill and adrenaline of paintball without the pain? Then this is the group activity for you. And we’re nice and close to Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham and Sheffield.

The great things about Laser Tag are there are no additional costs involved. All players get multiple lives and the ammunition is all included in the cost. There’s no having to go back to HQ all the time to de-fog your facemask because you don’t wear one.

As well as being accurate, the guns are very realistic too. When you get shot the gun shouts at you and when you’re out of the game it screams ‘medic, medic man down!’ One of the sound effects you can hear is the imaginary bullet casings falling on the ground. These guns are the best available in the UK.

Do NOT be fooled – this is FULL ON ADRENALINE action!

Using state of the art laser beam technology, you can play out all your action and adventure dreams in the purpose built laser combat zones. A few of these include

Sandbag Bunkers – 2 bases approx 150 metres apart with a colossal missile in the middle surrounded by trenches, huts and sandbags. Simple plan – kill the enemy

The Village – an abandoned village set deep in the forest. Somewhere in the middle of the village is a missile – can you locate it whilst fighting off the enemy?

The Jungle – this jungle is dense. Two teams start at opposing ends – your objective is to locate your enemies base, steal their flag and get it back to your base before they get to yours. So, what’s the plan?

The Bridge – deep in the heart of the forest is a bridge over a swamp – a MASSIVE one! Your teammates need to get to the other side to win. Everything looks quiet; until you take that first step!

Speedball – speed is the name of the game in the speedball arena. Capture and hold the flag in the middle of the arena and get it to your enemies’ base. Be quick – you only have 5 minutes!

The Castle – here you play attack & defend. Can you protect your flag whilst the enemy is trying to break into your base?
When you’re defending you have to stay in the base and protect. When you’re attacking you use the whole field to your advantage to raid the compound and steal the flag

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Laser Tag in the Peak District
We weren't sure how exciting the laser tag would actually be. How wrong we were! It's absolutely fantastic!
Reuben - a best man taking all the credit as usual!