It's a Knockout | A Superb Hen Do & Stag Weekend ActivityHDK Pursuits

The REAL It's a Knockout group activity. For a truly memorable hen do or stag weekend

This package includes
Full briefing before the event (including initial warm up and exercises)
Participation for your team in 6 activities
Bottle of champagne for the winning team
Expert Instructors and attendants
All props and equipment
NB – bring a change of clothes – you’re gonna get wet!!

Yes this is the REAL It’s a Knockout! Not your usual ‘stuff to do’ in Derby and Nottingham.  Our suppliers own and operate the original props, costumes and games that were all part of the genuine BBC Television programme

You’ll experience numerous games, involving inflatables, foam, water and hilarious costumes

Guests will initially take part in a highly amusing warm up to ensure everyone gets in the mood for the event. Teams then compete head to head with the opposing teams in all of the highly hilarious games

Lasting 2-3 hours with a bottle of bubbly for the winning team, there will be 6 games in the event. One thing’s for sure – you’ll NEVER have done anything like this before

Listed here are a few of the games to whet your appetite
Super Suds
This is a game of foamy fun

Each team member must enter the giant washing machine in turn. As you fight through the foam, you must collect socks from the fantastic inflatable washing machine and peg them on the washing line. Each pair of socks will earn you points. This is the game that really lets you hang your opponents out to dry!

Fe- Fi- Fo- Fall
In this frantic event, participants climb inside a 10ft Giant costume complete with giant shoes and quite simply run across the crazy conveyor belts operated by the opposing teams. The giant’s progress is hampered by the fact that the conveyer belt is moving backwards and forwards making it difficult to stay on their feet! When the giant has completed his exploits the teams golden egg must be placed in their giant egg cup – first egg in the cup wins!

All Hands On Deck

Teams must work in perfect nautical harmony as you work together to transport each sailor across the turbulent waters safely to the other side. The sailor must collect a variety of nautical items along the way, as delivery of a healthy catch will mean more points!

Slippery Summit

Quite simple. Quite brilliant. A huge inflatable mountain. You’ll be required to get your anchorman to the top and then get the whole team over the foam-covered mountain to the other side. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Ha!! This activity is complete pandemonium!

Majestic Manoeuvres

Three Giant Kings line up on the start line. They then race through a fixed obstacle, which only has the space to allow one King through to the throne. The Kings are 10ft high, with only the competitor’s feet showing from the bottom of the King. So you can’t run – only shuffle. Oh and there’s only a little window to see out of too! You know someone’s falling over here – thing is, how will they get back up?

Medieval Madness

The whole team form a human chain standing on pedestals – when the compere says start the anchor person collects the sponges from the large bucket of water and passes them down the line. The last person in the team must catapult wet sponges over the castle wall to their team mate who will squeeze all the remaining water into a container. At the conclusion of the events out comes the measuring stick and the team with the most water wins!

Penguin Pursuit
On the whistle, the penguins run anticlockwise round a course. All each penguin has to do is catch the penguin in front. When they do they must remove the fish from its back. The last two penguins standing fight to the finish! Like watching people fall over? We all do right!? You’ll LOVE this activity!

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It's a Knockout!
Hard Days Knight took all the hassle out of organising Andy's Stag Party.
Steve - Best man