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Fancy a different game of football? SHOCK YOUR MATES!!

Electric Shock Football stag and hen party madness!

Groups up to 15 players get 60 minutes playing time, and groups of 16+ get 90 minutes

10 shock belts, and they don’t just tickle. They’ll drop you to the floor!

Footballs, bibs and cones

Event Coordinator

Team photo

Bottle of bubbly

Do you want to include a hilarious activity into your stag or hen party weekend? Well, take our advice and get this booked! Electric shock football is one of the newest activities to become available in the UK. God knows why – you lot must be bloody nuts

So how does it work? Well, it’s a lot like 5 a side football. But a version you’ll never forget. Your group gets split into 2 teams, and each of you is fitted with an electric shock belt

Players have absolutely no idea when they’re going to get shocked. That’s up to our game marshals as they have the control panel. You might be on the ball and just about to take a shot, you might be about to go in for a tackle. You might not be on the ball at all. Hell, we can even shock the ref!

And we don’t just give you a little tickle – the shock sensitivity can bring players crashing down to the ground. Getting shocked is not enjoyable. There’s no point in us lying to you. But seeing your mates getting shocked is very enjoyable. Trust us on this – you’ll be crying with laughter

To see a video of this activity click on this Electric Shock Activity

On the day of your activity we’ll provide the staff that will attend to make sure everything runs perfectly for your group. We’ll arrive 30-60 minutes prior to the event to set everything up. We then go through a short briefing in which every player must sign a disclaimer before taking part. Then we’ll get you into your teams and wreak some havoc on you! We play 15 minutes of 5-a-side games followed by a penalty shootout. And we’ll run The Crossbar Challenge and The Relay Dribbling Race. Your group members will need some sports footwear and clothing (tee shirt and shorts, etc)

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Electric Shock Football
We couldn't concentrate for laughing. I think some of us actually wet our pants!
Ned - a proper practical joker on Rick's stag weekend