Crossbows in DerbyshireHDK Pursuits

Derbyshire crossbow action. The ideal outdoor activity for any group of people!

This package includes
Coffee/tea on arrival
Experienced Instructors/Referees to ensure your enjoyment and safety
The latest technology Re-curve crossbows
All bolts

The Re-curve Crossbow offers a different take on Archery and is a superb Derbyshire outdoor activity for any stag and hen weekend!

It’s a bow with tips curving away from the archer and they tend to have less hand shock than some variants. The arrow-like projectiles (called bolts) are much shorter than arrows, although they can be much heavier as they were originally designed to be able to cut through chain mail back in warfare history

The sights used on them are similar to ones used on modern firearms, so there’s no excuse for missing. Famous last words

And when you fire one of these things you’ll see just how powerful they really are!

[map lat=”52.9601″ lon=”-1.7227″ w=”100%” h=”400″ z=”12″ scrollwheel=”false” marker=”yes” scale=”true”]

Hard Days Knight took all the hassle out of organising Andy's Stag Party.
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