Bushcraft & Survival Kids Party PackageHDK Pursuits

An active childrens' party idea well worth considering. A great kids' party - it’s just expected of you isn't it?

Package 1
Shelter Building – learn how to make various types of shelters. For example, the One Pole Poncho, Corded ‘A’ Frame, Bivi Pup Tent, Forest Shelter, Lean To/Front Open A Frame and Para Teepee – you’ll be snug as a bug!
Campfire Making – one of the main aspects of survival is fire – not just for warmth but also for food. Learn how to build a campfire!
Wild Food Prep – learn how to skin a rabbit. Not for the feint hearted!
Camouflage – calling all budding Rambo’s and GI Jane’s! Learn how to use camouflage to blend in with the countryside – great for sneaking up and scaring people

Package 2
Survival Kits – you’ll be shown how to make different types of kits and their components, including what they’re used for – i.e. how to make a kit
Water – sounds simple eh? Learn how to find, purify, carry and store water – key to survival!
Signalling, Signs & Messaging – no we don’t mean sending a text on your iPhone! Get back to basics and learn how to send wilderness messages without the use of Bluetooth!
Wild Food Prep – learn how to skin a rabbit. Not for the feint hearted!

Our Bushcraft & Survival Experiences are designed to get the kids right back to nature and in touch with the wilderness. They’re just perfect for mums and dads looking for kids party ideas with a difference.  Close to Derby, Nottingham and Staffordshire, our outdoor activity centre is ready and waiting!

Everyone gets advice from their Instructor before trying the activities first hand for themselves. We can even score their individual efforts for that added element of competition if you wish

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Bushcraft & Survival Party – minimum age 7 years old
Hard Days Knight took all the hassle out of organising Andy's Stag Party.
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