Blitz Buggies in Derby and NottinghamHDK Pursuits

The ideal outdoor activity for the thrill hungry hen do and stag weekend

All packages include
Coffee/Tea on arrival and half time break
Expert safety briefing and handling demonstration
Full tuition from your own personal Instructor/s for the duration of your activity
Provision of Safety Helmets (you’ll need to bring your own old clothes as you may get dirty)

If you’re looking for things to do in Derby and Nottingham for your hen do or stag activity weekend, off road action doesn’t get more ‘in your face’ than this

Blitz Buggies are an outdoor activity not for the faint hearted – you have been warned

Think we’re kidding? With growling 650cc twin cylinder engines capable of speeds in excess of 70mph, 4 speed manual gearboxes and heavy duty off road tyres, Blitz Buggies are the real deal and can handle whatever’s thrown at them. And the best thing about them is they’re 2 seater buggies, so you can show off your driving skills to a passenger.

Don’t worry, they have 4 point racing style safety harnesses too!

Upon arrival your Instructor/s will run through a safety briefing and they’ll introduce your group to the controls of the buggies. Then it’s onto the off road course accompanied by your Instructor/s. There will be up to 2 buggies on the course at the same time with another as a spare just in case

Your Instructor/s accompany you so they can advise how to get the most out of the machines – if your group displays mature and sensible driving skills they will then be allowed to take members of their group out as passengers

Motorsport of this nature can be dangerous and sensible driving must be exercised at all times

The course you’ll be on is incredible. Throughout your session you’ll be faced with steep slopes, dips and banks, not forgetting you will be the guests at one of the finest country estates in the Midlands. It really is a very picturesque location. Bring a camera – your friends are going to be really jealous!

[map lat=”52.9601″ lon=”-1.7227″ w=”100%” h=”400″ z=”12″ scrollwheel=”false” marker=”yes” scale=”true”]

Blitz Buggies
These things scared me half to death - bloody awesome!
Phil H. - Best man