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The Shooting Syndicate

Half day
Minimum participants
Maximum participants
Discounts available
On bookings of 10+ people

Hits, tips and full tuition from your own personal Instructor/s
All safety equipment including ear protection and shooting glasses
All shooting equipment and targets
All clays, cartridges, bullets, bolts, arrows, etc
The use of a ghille grasslands sniper suit for the stag/hen/boss
Camouflage face paint for the whole group
Shooting activities can be run and scored as a competition between your group
We do a mean full English breakfast here too!

Good Pub Close By
Ideal for Stags
Ideal for Hens
Fab for Team Building
More Activities On Site
Shotguns Provided
Cartridges Provided
Spectators Allowed
Earplugs Provided
Safety Glasses Provided
Accommodation On-Site Available
Free Car Park
Food Available
Hot/Cold Drinks Available
£75 per person
Five shooting activities at a private country estate in Derbyshire.

Don’t want to pick just one shooting activity for your team building day or staff party? Then don’t! If your guests really need to have it all, then this is the shooting package for you. Your team will get to try your hand at no less that 5 individual and unique styles of shooting activities to catapult your celebrations get off with a real bang

The gorgeous setting is at our stunning country estate in Derbyshire, on the southern basin of the Peak District. It’s a privately run estate so, it’s not open to the general public. You’re only allowed to be on site by prior appointment, so you won’t get anyone wandering into your company day out. And there’s a corporate clubhouse on site with a bar for afterwards. Coupled with some mouth-watering food options, it’s simply the perfect setting for any business seminar, presentation or sales meeting that you might have got planned into your away day

Here’s the comprehensive list of the shooting activities that your guests will be pitting their wits against in the 2 hour shooting session –

1. Air Pistol Shooting

2. Clay Pigeon Shooting using Traditional Shotguns or Pump Action Shotguns

3. .22 Calibre Rifle Shooting

4. Crossbow Shooting

5. Traditional Archery

So here’s the order of the days shooting events. You’ll be split into teams to make it interesting (you can either pre pick the teams or leave it up to us) and of course we’ll score the whole thing for you too, so we’ll sort the crack shots from the not so great shots! Your groups will get at least 10 shots per person on each and every activity

Air Pistol Shooting
In the Air Pistol Shooting, you’ll be introduced to our Sig Sauer P226 pistols, which are replicas of the Navy Seals handguns in use. They use very high pressure gas canisters and they fire ball bearings at our bulls-eye targets. They look extremely cool and are very accurate in the right hands. This is a very popular activity for team building as we can keep your scores based on a team effort if required

Clay Pigeon Shooting
Again based in your teams, you’ll be shooting at our clays flying through the air. And you can choose what type of shotgun you prefer to get the job done! Will you set your sights on our traditional 12 bore shotguns, or do you prefer the idea of trying your hand with our Mosberg 500 & Remington 870 pump action shotguns, as used by the police and the military

.22 Rifles
For this exciting shooting activity, we’ll escort you over to our huge shooting range (you can see a picture of it above) to let you try your hand with shooting proper .22 calibre bullets. And some of those targets are a long, long way out, so this really sorts the great from the average

Ever tried shooting crossbows? They aren’t as easy as you might think! They take effort and control to master them. But when you strike the target in the bullseye with the bolts (that’s the actual name for the arrows) it’ll get a cheer from your fellow group members

Traditional Archery
And finally it’s time to head over to our archery range, where you’ll find yourself at the business end of our magnificent recurve bows and longbows. But please don’t think this is not challenging. It takes great skill to get the most from these bows, but as always our highly trained Instructors are on hand to help every step of the way