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Paintballing in Staffordshire & Derbyshire

Half day - full day
Minimum participants
Maximum participants
Discounts available
On bookings of 10+ people

Paintball Derbyshire and Staffordshire
Tea & coffee available throughout the duration of your activity
Experienced Instructors/Referees to ensure your enjoyment and safety
Camouflage overalls, facemask and hood
Tippmann FT12 260’ per second semi automatic paintball guns and 4 pot battle packs

Full Face Masks Provided
Overalls Provided
Good Pub Close By
Ideal for Stags
Ideal for Hens
Fab for Team Building
Free Car Park
£30 - 72 per person
Paintball centres in Staffordshire & Derbyshire.

If you’re planning an action packed team away day or corporate team building outing, nothing beats diving round a makeshift village with your colleagues, shooting paintballs at each other like your job depends on it. There’s a reason this activity is still a firm favourite amongst team building organisers (we all like inflicting a little pain on our workmates right?)

This is a must activity for those who thrive on adrenaline – and you can all do it in proper style at what’s been voted one of the best paintball venues in the UK

Oh and just so you know, anyone who tells you it doesn’t hurt is lying…………but that’s part of the fun right? Have you and your fellow work colleagues got the guts to come and join us?

Our site has 8 battle zones, including some of the following –

Sandbag Bunkers – 2 bases that are approx 150 metres apart with a large missile in the middle surrounded by trenches, sandbags and huts. Simple plan alright but very effective – eliminate your enemy

The Village – rumour has it there’s a makeshift abandoned village set deep in our dense jungle. Somewhere in the middle of the village is a missile – can you locate and disarm it whilst fighting off the enemy?

The Jungle – our jungle is thick and dense. Let’s hope your team mates aren’t! The two teams start at opposite ends of the battle zone – your objective is to get to your enemies base, nick their flag and get it back to your base before they do exactly the same to you. And there’s a real crash landed helicopter hiding secrets to discover. So, who’s taking charge before you charge?

The Bridge – nestling deep in the heart of our forest lays a narrow bridge over a swamp – yes it’s real and yes it’s very wet! Your team mates nee to get to the other side to win. Simple eh. Everything looks quiet; your team take that first step………….what was that moving in the bushes?! It’s Margaret from Accounts!

Speedball – this doesn’t take a rocket scientist to explain – as the name suggests it’s simply speed that’s the name of the game in the speedball arena. Can your team locate and capture the flag that’s somewhere in the middle of the arena and get it to your enemies’ base? Be quick you lot – you only have 5 minutes to get this task done!
The Castle – this can be a lot like being in the office for some of our clients. Here you play attack & defend. Can you protect your flag while the enemy (those lot from the Sales Dept) are trying to break into your compound?
When you’re defending you have to stay in the compound and protect it. When you’re attacking you are able to use the whole field to your advantage to storm the compound and steal that flag. And shoot Martin that weird guy from the Transport Dept at the same time