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It's a Knockout throughout the UK

2 to 3 hours
Minimum participants
Maximum participants
Discounts available
On bookings of 25+ people

Full briefing before the event
Initial warm up and exercises
Participation for your team in 6 activities
Bottle of champagne for the winning team
Expert Instructors and attendants
All props and equipment
Bottle of champagne for the winning team
Fully compered by your fun host

Fab for Leadership Skills
Great for Staff Rewards and Away Days
Ideal for Confidence & Trust Building
Fab for Team Building
Spectators Allowed
Free Car Park
Hot/Cold Drinks Available
£49 per person
It's a Knockout available throughout the UK.

Yes this is the REAL It’s a Knockout! Not a fake lookalike. This is your chance to go down on team building history! We can’t stress this enough – PLEASE book this activity if you’re looking for a hilarious and truly memorable day out for your staff or customers

Our award winning local suppliers both own and operate the original props, games and costumes that were used on the genuine BBC Television programme

Your lucky guests will experience numerous games, involving water, inflatables, and foam, in truly hilarious costumes

Upon arrival at your event location, your guests will first of all take part in a funny warm up to ensure everyone gets right in the mood for this madcap event. Teams then compete head to head with each other in all of the highly hilarious games

This event lasts between 2 to 3 hours, and there’s a bottle of bubbly for the winning team. During that time you’ll be challenged with no less than 6 games in the event

We’re pretty sure you’ll never have done anything like this before!

This activity has entertained many of our corporate clients in the past, each and evert time with glowing feedback. It’s a truly unique way to get people working together as a group to get the most out of each challenge, so it’s absolutely perfect for team building days and staff reward outings

Or invite a load of your clients or suppliers for the day – people just can’t say no to this, believe us, so whatever the occasion you’ll be guaranteed a fabulous turn out

We run this activity every Saturday from February to October at several locations around the UK, and the ones in the Midlands are based in Nottingham and Birmingham. You can enter as many teams as you like (8 people min per team) and you’ll be taking part against other teams there on the day, so there can be anything up to 600 people taking part on any given Saturday. It’s a heck of a thing to get involved with, and your guests will love you for it!

However, if you prefer, you can also hire this activity for your own personal event. Really you would need a minimum of 30 people for it to work, although it’s at its best from 50 people plus

If you already have a venue booked, so long as there’s a big enough flat grass space and access to water we can come along and set up right there at your venue

Or book it to be set up at one of our many activity centres in the Midlands. You could even add on further activities, food and entertainment into the evening if you wish. Give us a call with your initial thoughts and we’ll turn it into the most amazing corporate day you’ve ever witnessed!

Listed here are a few of the games to whet your appetite
Super Suds
This is a game of foamy fun

Each team member must enter the giant washing machine in turn. As you fight through the foam, you must collect socks from the fantastic inflatable washing machine and peg them on the washing line. Each pair of socks will earn you points. This is the game that really lets you hang your opponents out to dry!

Fe- Fi- Fo- Fall
In this frantic event, participants climb inside a 10ft Giant costume complete with giant shoes and quite simply run across the crazy conveyor belts operated by the opposing teams. The giant’s progress is hampered by the fact that the conveyer belt is moving backwards and forwards making it difficult to stay on their feet! When the giant has completed his exploits the teams golden egg must be placed in their giant egg cup – first egg in the cup wins!